Lit Yoga Barre is a trendy boutique studio offering the only hot yoga classes in the heart of Calabasas.  Experience our modern approach: Candlelit, infrared heat, current playlists, top-notch instructors and premium equipment.


We offer a variety of classes that bring students to a state of feeling physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. Our professional instructors are experienced, registered yoga teachers (RYT) and members of the international Ballet Barre Fitness Association (IBBFA).


Maya first came to her mat in 2012 and has been in love with yoga ever since as her practice has been her saving grace through several life struggles. For the first few years she mostly thought of yoga as more of a workout and stress reliever until one day she had a breakthrough that changed everything.

It was at that time she went to Bali to study under a gurukula styled teacher training and received her first 200hr certificate in Vinyasa & Hatha yoga. Upon returning to the states Maya began training to teach Hot Power Fusion at Corepower, receiving her second 200-hr certification. Additionally, she has taken an extension program for HPF and took a module specifically oriented to teach beginners, seniors, guided meditation and chair yoga. Maya is passionate about using yoga for true healing and believes yoga is for EVERYBODY. Maya creates a flow that strengthens the body, quiets the mind, and opens the heart. Her ultimate goal is to give you the tools to learn to follow your own wisdom, your own intuition, your own heart and ultimately to be your own teacher.

Nicole discovered her love of yoga while attending college at San Diego State University. As a dance major, taking yoga was strongly suggested to help aid in a further understanding of the human body, mind and spirit. She fell in love with it right away and decided to continue her journey with teacher training after graduating from college.

She completed that in 2016 and believed her life to be changed forever in the greatest way possible. Her favorite thing about yoga is how it enables her to synch the mind and body as one. Nicole also loves to move and moving more purposefully with breath added leaves her feeling calm and more self-aware. Translated, Vinyasa means to “arrange something in a special way” like yoga poses for instance, done with one breath matching one movement. Nicole’s class typically evolves from a gentle warm up, to strengthening and stretching, to surrendering back into the mat. It is designed to gradually build strength and flexibility while connecting one’s own mind to one’s own body through synchronized breath and movement and is appropriate for all levels. Students can expect to leave feeling energized and ready for what life has in store for them. Nicole looks forward to continuing teaching and practicing in the surrounding areas. The practice of yoga has given her so much and she is excited to share that gift with her students.

LA born and raised, Emma always enjoyed the active life. Her first encounter with yoga was the result of a dance injury. Yoga was prescribed for rehab and she was hooked ever since. Being able to let go of the outward path and all the pressures reality can bring and focus on the inward path in a yoga session was the best therapy of all.

Yoga became her go-to outlet all through college, at which point, she decided to take her practice deeper. Emma graduated from her first 200-hr training in 2014, became certified and has been teaching ever since.

Karen has been teaching various styles of yoga and barre for the past 4 years and is a certified 200-hr instructor through Yoga Alliance as well as Barre certified.  She constantly takes the knowledge and skills she acquires to create an effective and enthusiastic setting for others to practice and progress.

What you can expect in her class is emphasis on alignment, lots of high energy, and embracing that fire within!  She wants students to have fun in class, whatever level they may be, to explore their edge and discover their potential.

Shayna is a dancing machine and a music junkie! From dirty hip-hop to atmospheric electronica, her classes are focused on enjoying the dance between athleticism and sensuality.

Drawing from her experience as a dance teacher, 200-hr Yoga training, and passion for Kundalini Yoga, she incorporates plyometrics and high-intensity aerobics moves to create a fun, playful dance party. When she’s not dancing or practicing yoga, Shayna enjoy time with her family, eating pizza and practicing the splits!

200 hour E-RYT, Chakra Yoga, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Therapeutic Art Life Coach. Born and raised in Los Angeles. I identify as a left handed female, daughter, sister, wife, Capricorn, and brain-ambidextrous. As a highly sensitive person my life experiences fill my body mind and soul with direct clairvoyant insight, spirit communication, art, various forms of body movement and holistic healing modalities giving me a solid foundation as an empathic communicator and intuitive downloader.

My second tattoo I got at age 18 reads “My Heart Beats For You” and that statement reads true as my heart beats for the well-being of all lifeforms on this beautiful garden. Through my own mental health journey I have connected with my mission to offer an authentic supportive hand through guided expressive movement and inner viewing for my fellow souls walking this path of undiscovered liquid we humans call LIFE! I am honored and excited to be a part of your story!

~Personality Type: Sentinel Defender – A soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. Very dedicated and warm protector, always ready to defend their loved ones.
~Vatta/Pitta/Kapha (40/40/20): Full of energy and creativity, sharp thinker, warm of heart and steady of mind.
~Projector: Guides for the tribe, here to help others manage their energy, ability to see something the way others can’t, meant to spend time honoring and nurturing special skills.
“We are all human, no one is perfect. All that matters is love and kindness.” – Dru Erin

A self-identified yoga nerd, Danica loves talking anatomy, yoga history, and lifestyle tips. Her classes combine yoga basics with advanced sequences to help students of every level develop a personalized yoga practice.
Rachel is a 200 RYT through Yoga Works, and teaches an all level vinyasa flow. Her focus is on the mind, body and breath connection as well as guiding proper alignment.
Annushka has a background in ballet and easily fell in love with yoga as a student over twenty years ago and began her journey as a teacher in 2017 to deepen her understanding of yoga on a physical and energetic level. She is a mixed level yoga teacher that combines vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment and safe sequencing. She balances a flow that supports each individual’s level, skill set, and style.

She builds her class with warming the body to encourage and support a deep practice while focusing on the fundamental elements of yoga. Annushka creates a space for her students to build their physical strength while tuning into the rhythm of their breath and the subtleties of the body. With her background in ballet and dance teaching Barre style classes that strengthen and build muscles through basic fundamental positions while focusing on functional movements that support an active lifestyle.

Education and Certification:
Yogaworks 200 hr teacher training certification
YogaWorks 300 hr teacher training certification
Yogaworks 25 hr Yin Yoga teacher certification
ER-YT 500 hr Yoga Alliance Certified

Amanda is from Los Angeles, California and has been practicing yoga for about 6 years. She initially started practicing yoga as a form of cross training for dance and she ended up falling in love with it.
Amanda got her 200-RYT certification in 2016. She also has a BFA in dance from Chapman University and loves to incorporate her extensive dance training into her barre classes. Amanda enjoys all types of movement including dance, yoga, gymnastics, rock climbing, calisthenics, and more!
Larissa is a spiritual, soulful and fun-loving teacher who enjoys bringing inner peace and compassion to the world. Born and raised in Southern California, Larissa grew up participating in several sports and activities.
Her first encounter with yoga was in a high school dance class, but believes she found her path toward yoga and healing in 2014 while obtaining her Special Education Teaching Credentials and Master’s Degree. At the beginning of her teaching career, she realized how important well-being and inner peace was for not only her students, but also herself and the surrounding teachers. She then decided to get her RYT-200 and become a yoga instructor, receiving her training in Ashtanga and Yin from Western Yoga College in Riverside. Combining her passion for special needs and her love for yoga, Larissa is currently in a doctorate program at CSULA developing a yoga and mindfulness curriculum for students diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Finding inspiration from her students, Larissa strives to encourage her fellow soulful beings to find peace and spark their inner flame!
Kiana Alexis - Keys by Ki
Kiana Alexis - Keys by KiMaster Certified Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
What is Keys By Ki?
I educate all of my clients, future clients, supporters and people surrounding me, that you can and will find success and satisfaction by changing your lifestyle. Before you dedicate yourself to your new lifestyle change you must remember the three important Keys By Ki.
1. Your are in control of the choices you make.
2. Find balance.
3. Never give up on yourself.

EveryBODY is unique, that is why Keys By Ki creates unique guides for each part of your transformation in lifestyle, nutrition, health and fitness. Founder and CEO Kiana Alexis(Ki) inspires many women worldwide on her weight loss and lifestyle transformation and shares where it’s gotten her in her personal life and business life. Ki lost 97lbs in 3 years and transformed her entire life starting at the age of 19 and is now a full time international model, full time masterful coach and business woman. She speaks on body positivity, connecting with yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and being aware of your surroundings. Some of Ki’s favorite quotes “you are what you feed yourself” and “God got me”.  She educates women on what to feed their body mentally and physically. The question she asks her future clients and current clients is “ You want to feed your mind and body nutritious foods right?” “Feed your mind with positive thoughts, feed your body positive foods and find that happy balance so that you can reward yourself with that giant slice of cake!” Ki is here to share with you the KEYS on how to become the BEST version of yourself and how to get FIT with LIT!


Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Please note if you have not checked in prior to class start time, your spot will be given away to anyone on the waitlist.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Reservations must be cancelled 12 hours prior to class start time. This will allow you to unreserve your spot and credit your account.  If you do not cancel your reservation on time you will be charged for it and no credits will be issued. You can log into your profile online or by calling the studio directly.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame If you do not show up to class and do not cancel class ahead of time. You will be charged the single-class fee of $25 to your credit card on file.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Let instructor know of any injuries or medical conditions before class

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Classes begin and end promptly on time

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Only water and towels are allowed in classroom. Please put all personal items including cell phones in the locker room

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame No food or gum allowed in studio

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Must be at least 16 years of age to take hot yoga classes.  Students under 16 years of age must attend ANY class with a parent or with parent permission.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame No shoes during class

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Please keep voice level down before class is in session and please refrain from talking once class has started.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Please arrive 15 mins before class begins to allow time to check in and be present for start time.  (If you are running late please notify studio immediately so that we can hold your spot, otherwise, we will give your spot to anyone on the waitlist. Late entry is disruptive to students and instructor.)

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame If you plan on leaving class early, please notify instructor ahead of time. So they can find you a spot close to the exit

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame Singles classes and Class Packages do not expire based on CA Law

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame We are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen at our studio.  We have lockers available to all students and staff.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame No refunds are given for single-classes and class packages.

Lit Yoga Barre Logo flame All merchandise is final sale. No refunds or returns offered.


Hot yoga is not recommended while pregnant. However, our non-heated yoga and barre classes may be more suitable but you should consult your doctor before taking any fitness classes while pregnant.
Yes, our instructors offer modifications for all levels.

Please reference classes page.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class to allow time to check in, store your belongings, meet the instructor and be present for start time.
Athletic attire you can move freely in and sweat. No shoes, no-slip socks ONLY in studio.
Please bring water and a towel.
Yes, we have water bottles for sale ($2) skidless towels for rent ($3). We also sell clothing and accessories.
We provide high-quality yoga mats already laid out for you, you can bring your own mat as an overlay if you prefer. We clean and disinfect each yoga mat after every class session.  Our Manduka mats are 6mm thick to give you support and comfort.
Our Barre classes combine ballet-inspired movements with light weight training, resistance training and cardio. We finish our class with deep stretch yoga.
We recommend reserving a spot in advanced on our website. Class sizes are limited and do fill up quickly. Drop-ins are welcome (based on availability).
Yes, we offer a variety of classes, please reference programs page.

Our infrared heating systems will get room temperatures between 90-100 degrees. Infrared heat simply warms your body inside out an